Sinergy Fashion Group

Your reference for prototyping of outerwear type clothing


Buon Natale e Buone Feste da Sinergy Fashion Group! 🎄🎅
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We follow you throughout the supply chain, from the study sketch to the production of the garment

We create prototypes and samples, we organize production, we follow the logistics, and much more, such as the defect of the garments at your company. Our laboratory can make heat taping, gluing, and laser welding of various types and applications for technical, padded and nonpadded duvets.

Ideas and sketch

Each garment, made by different professionals, comes from a sketch that a stylist imagined and designed on paper.

Choice of fabrics and accessories

The management of fabrics and accessories is always edited by customers, even if Sinergy can supply neutral materials.

Model design

The modeling work is provided by the customer, although Sinergy can offer this service on request.

Prototype packaging

Sinergy manufactures both highly technical prototypes (laser, ultrasound, thermo-taping, gluing, embossed, etc.) and minimalist and well-finished garments.

Finished prototype

Sinergy‘s work can end with the first prototype made or continue with the defect work.


Where required, Sinergy collaborates with the customer for the defect of the garment.

Final head

After changes foreseen by the defect, the garment can be considered ready for production.

Ethics of know-how

The spirit that guides our work is that of the challenge to overcome our own limits, to continuously improve ourselves.

The “Sinergy” product is an ETHICAL product, made in Italy with skilled labor, without using processes or products from countries where the rights of the worker are ignored.


Some examples of our production and the processes we can carry out.

Not just prototyping

We create samples and small production of garments that you will want to commit to us. A single interlocutor for fast and quality production.